My Privacy List

The alternatives that keep my personal information private from prying eyes.

As you might know already by looking at my previous blog posts, I'm heavily invested in privacy and anonymity and I enjoy learning new ways to keep my personal data private.





Password Management

Device Security

Cloud Storage

⚠️ Always encrypt sensitive files first before uploading them to any cloud storage provider. While they may be open-source, it is impossible to audit their authenticity completely.


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⚠️ A VPN is not a bulletproof solution and should not be used for anonymity, but rather privacy. Read VPNs Aren't Magical—Here's Why for more details.


You've reached the end of my list—I hope you were able to discover an alternative or two along the way! If you disagree with any of my choices or just want to talk to me, feel free to send me an email.

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